Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nikon D3200 Sensor is made by Nikon or Sony?

A few days ago I have a question by the readers and they told me that is it true that the Nikon D3200 sensor is also made by Sony? For all the readers that doesn't know yet, this rumors come from the previous model that the Nikon D7000 sensor is made by Sony and it's true that Sony manufactured the sensor for D7000. It's also a shocking news but hey the important thing is it does a great job. But to answer the question whether the Nikon D3200 is made by Sony, the answer is that it's not true.

Chipworks teared apart the Nikon D3200 to find the 24 mp sensor and the picture shows that it is made by Nikon itself. So hold down your horses guys. :)

So most of you might want to know which camera has the sensor from Nikon and does not?
Below are the list for...
Nikon sensor on Nikon Body:

  • D3
  • D3s
  • D700
  • D3100
Sony sensor on Nikon Body:
  • D7000
  • D90

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