Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nikon D3200 24.2 Megapixel DX Format CMOS Review: The ULTIMATE entry level DSLR?

Hello guys. Today I'm going to talk about one of the latest line-up's for Nikon DSLR entry-level DSLR, which is the all-new Nikon D3200. Back in 19th April, 2012, Nikon Japan was pleased to announced the release of the camera to the world and especially for the beginner enthusiasts who are seeking for an entry-level DSLR.

Is it really that good?
So what's the buzz about it? Did Nikon really killed it this time to beat the other competitors in the market like Canon, Sony, Olympus, etc? Hmmm. I might sound a little bit biased with the D3200 but I'm still impressed with the features in it where Nikon decided to put in the unrivaled 24.2 megapixel DX Format CMOS which is the same one that we have seen in the pro-level DSLR's such as the legendary Nikon D4. It also comes with the EXPEEED 3 image-processor that is really helpful in fast image processing and creative in-camera effects. They also generously put in the Full HD 1080p movies that can be usable in any light-condition. To top that up, Nikon has made it possible for this entry-level camera to be compatible with the Nikon's new system which is the Wireless Adaptor Mobile. So what is Wireless Adaptor Mobile? It meands that you can control the camera wirelessly and share your photos to your smartphone or the tablet pc instantly and show your brilliant photos to the world and just blog about it straight away. Sounds pretty beefy in an entry-level DSLR right? But still we don't know whether it will live up to it's reputation. Whether it walked the talked like what they have said on paper. Well I do hope that they are keeping their words.

Innovative Guide Mode
Geared up with the Innovative Guide Mode to help you master the camera cuts the learning curve for a beginner to master the camera. Trust me, you can save hours of your time searching online on how to use the camera compared to reading the manual. Who does that anyway these days? lol. I myself never read the manual unless if there is something that I really need to know about the camera and that's where the pocket book becomes handy. :)

Screen Type
What I liked about the screen is now it has a larger, brighter and clearer screen where it is a 3 inch diag and boasts a 921,000 Dots resolution. That is pretty dense and I'm sure the picture will look very good in the monitor so that you can preview it on site whether you like the shot or want to take it again. Again, the monitor type is the Wide Viewing Angle TFT-LCD with a 160-degree wide-viewing angle. It has tones on in camera editing but I'm pretty sure not many will use it as it will be much easier to edit your pictures in a PC or a laptop.

Nikon D3200 Hands-on Preview

This is the view of how the camera looked like when positioned in front of you. As you can see all the buttons are right where it should be and I might say that it's pretty much looks the same with the previous D3100. I hope you enjoy reading my review about this camera and if you decided to buy this camera, please use this links below as I will get some commissions when you buy it from this links. Even anything that you buy using this link will help me as well to keep on writing. This will help me keping this site up and give you more reviews in the future. Thanks for reading my review and I hoped you like it. :)
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